Proposed paid parking zones a solution in search of a problem

18 Dec 2023
Planned paid parking zones in Okehampton

Proposed paid parking zones a solution in search of a problem

Devon County Council is proposing to introduce paid parking zones in 8 towns across Devon  - Braunton, Crediton, Dartmouth, Honiton, Okehampton, Salcombe, Sidmouth and Tavistock.

Despite claims by the Council that the zones will alleviate traffic issues many local residents are sceptical.

At a recent, packed public meeting in Okehampton many residents expressed the view that the proposed zones were more to do with raising money to plug holes in Devon County's budget than to address real parking issues.

"As a central Devon resident, I use both Crediton and Okehampton high streets on a regular basis. Both for short-term parking (for example getting a haircut in Crediton) and long-term parking (such as visiting the cinema in Okehampton). A combination of short-term free parking and longer-term paid parking in both towns covers all of my needs," commented Mark Wooding, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Central Devon. "Here’s the thing I’ve never encountered any of the issues these proposed paid parking zones are designed to ‘fix’.

"It may just be that central Devon is home to a huge number of sceptics, but I’m with those residents who suspect that Conservative controlled Devon County’s plan is more to do with fund raising than traffic control. It really is a solution looking for a problem, unless of course the problem is really years of cuts to Devon County’s budgets from central Government. Cuts by a Conservative Government that Devon’s Conservative councillors did not speak against. 

"Let’s call this for what it is. It’s another ‘tax’ just as we face the highest rates of tax since WW2. For those who say “yes but where’s the money to come from” I say what about the £36 Billion uncollected tax (HMRC’s own estimate – others put it at £100bn+) or the £ billions of windfall (unearned) profits currently being made by Banks and Oil companies?"

You can find out more about Devon County's plans here.

Please sign the petition against the plans below.

Petition against paid parking zones in Devon towns

I call upon Devon County Council to scrap their plans to introduce paid for parking zones in local town centres. Residents don’t want them. They will adversely affect high street trade. They will raise minimal amounts of income.

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