Liberal Democrats welcome paid parking plan being dropped.

6 Mar 2024
Frank Letch presents petition

Devon County Council’s plan to impose paid parking zones on high streets in 8 Devon towns has been abandoned. The plans had included new zones in Braunton, Crediton, Dartmouth, Honiton, Okehampton, Salcombe, Sidmouth and Tavistock and had attracted widespread local opposition.

The Liberal Democrats had campaigned hard against the proposals as likely to be of serious impact to retailers and traders on high streets.

“I’ve said previously this was a solution in search of a problem. It looked very much like a money raising exercise rather than a traffic control measure,” commented Mark Wooding, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Central Devon. “I’m pleased that Devon County Council have seen sense, but it really was a completely unnecessary exercise. The Conservative Councillors need to wake up to the fact that Devon is substantially a rural community and they should be doing more to support rural towns and villages.”

“I’m delighted that the petitions we raised have caused this change of plan,” said Frank Letch, Liberal Democrat Councillor. “I spoke to very many people in Crediton and its surrounding villages all who thought it was a daft idea and many signed up to our petition. Devon County really needs to be doing more to support our high streets.”

“This will be a great relief to retailers and traders in Devon’s towns, especially here in Okehampton where there was real concern over the impact it would have on business,” said George Dexter, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Okehampton North. “Many people signed our petition, I’m pleased Devon County have listened.

“What Devon County should now be doing is to see what steps they can take to build business in our towns, especially for our small independent retailers and traders who are having a very difficult time at the moment.”