Petition prompts progress on potholes

15 Mar 2024
Mark Wooding, Tamara, Natalia Letch, Frank Letch inspect resurfaced A377

For many months the road surface on the A377 approaching Copplestone from Crediton has been in a shocking state of repair, requiring drivers heading south to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid potholes.

“The road was in a dreadful state and clearly posed a safety risk,” commented Liberal Democrat Councillor Natalia Letch. “It is not acceptable that, to avoid damage to their cars, people are swerving into the offside lane.”

“Although this appears to be a Copplestone ‘problem’ it affects many communities north and west of Copplestone, such as Lapford, Bow and Zeal Monachorum to name but a few,” said Councillor Steve Keable. “It is Devon’s major north-south road so it is clearly unacceptable it should be in this state.”

“I made initial enquiries and there was an indication that due to budget cuts the road would not be resurfaced before 2025,” said Devon County Councillor Frank Letch. “That left me shocked.”

“I suggested to Frank, Natalia and Steve that we should start a petition of those affected and present this to Devon County Council, who are responsible for the road.” commented Mark Wooding, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate. “It didn’t surprise me how many people signed up when we called on them.”

“I presented the petition to Conservative Council Leader John Hart,” observed Frank Letch. “It seems to have had the desired effect in that the road resurfacing has now taken place.

“This does largely seem to be a ‘fill and patch’ job and I worry about how long the repair will last, but it is better than nothing.”

“We’d like to thank the local community for all their support with the petition. It shouldn’t be the case that local people have to resort to starting petitions to get basic infrastructure work done, but it does show the power of the community,” concluded Mark Wooding. “We do, however, really need Conservative controlled Devon County Council to come forward with a proper plan for fixing the dreadful state of all our roads.”