Letter to the Editor: Conservatives abandon the real world for virtual reality

20 Oct 2023
Conservatives abandon the real world for virtual reality

Dear Editor

Conservatives abandon the real world for virtual reality

In the week the Conservatives proudly announced the creation of thousands of virtual hospital beds more evidence emerged of them abandoning trying to fix things in the real-world.

We discovered that with insufficient real prison cells judges were being advised not to pass prison sentences. Still the geniuses that came up with the Rwanda deportation policy have cracked the problem, let’s buy prison places in foreign countries. Real world thinking?

In another triumph for virtual reality, we learnt that Prime Minister Sunak’s much publicised diversion of HS2 money to alternative rail projects was more ‘illustrative’ than actual. If you are expecting real (rather than virtual) ‘spades in the ground’ any time soon forget it.

More virtual thinking on housing with the Conservative Treasury Minister claiming the Conservatives were ‘on track’ to meet their house building commitments, despite her own former Housing Minister indicating they weren’t. Well, I guess that being somewhere near the beginning of the road is still on some sort of track!

At least Chancellor Hunt has not embraced virtual reality. No, he’s gone for alternative reality where falling inflation is actually things getting cheaper rather than them just not getting more expensive quite so fast.

When Mr Sunak champions the car but actually has a preference for private jets and helicopters it’s not surprising he has lost sight of what is happening to people in the real-world. You can see the world from 10,000 feet but not the reality of what is going on.

Meanwhile in the real-world Britain is predicted to have the worst economic performance amongst developed nations in 2024, and the NHS waiting list hit a new high.

To borrow from the jargon of virtual reality and computing. Our country has ‘crashed’ it needs a ‘reboot’ but ‘switching [the Conservatives] off and on again’ is not going to be enough. Britain needs a new operating system and I’m afraid RishiOS5.2 is full of ‘bugs’. We really do need a ‘clean install’ and a complete ‘rebuild’.

Your sincerely,

Mark Wooding

Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Central Devon

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